CalEPR, the Britt group's EPR facility at UC Davis, is home to seven EPR spectrometers at frequencies ranging from 8 - 263 GHz.

Four of our EPR spectrometers are home-built pulse EPR spectrometers that operate at 8-18 GHz, 31 GHz, 130 GHz, and 263 GHz. The three other spectrometers are Bruker instruments: a Bruker ECS X-band (9 GHz) continuous-wave (CW) spectrometer, a Bruker E500 X-band CW spectrometer, and a Bruker E580 X (9 GHz) and Q (34 GHz) band pulse spectrometer.


Commercial EPR Spectrometers

Bruker ELEXSYS E500 X-Band CW Spectrometer
Equipped with an Oxford Instruments ESR900 cryostat capable of low temperature EPR (4.5 K). Supports a number of different resonators: a high-sensitivity resonator (ER4122SHQE) and a dual-mode resonator (ER4116DM) primarily for parallel mode EPR.

Bruker ECS 106 X-band CW Spectrometer
Equipped with a high-sensitivity resonator (ER4122SHQE). Capable of variable temperature EPR down to 77 K.

Bruker ELEXSYS E580 X and Q-band Pulse Spectrometer
Capable of performing pulse techniques including ENDOR, ESEEM, HYSCORE, and DEER at liquid helium temperatures.

Home-Built EPR Spectrometers

KA-band (~31 GHz)
A home-built 100 W pulse EPR spectrometer capable of ESEEM, HYSCORE, and DEER at liquid helium temperatures.

D-band (130 GHz)
Equipped with a ~ 200 mW microwave bridge at 130 GHz and an 8 T cryogen-free sweepable superconducting magnet system. The Oxford-CF935 liquid helium cryostat allows for EPR at pumped helium temperatures (down to ~1.4 K). Capable of ESEEM, HYSCORE, ENDOR, and EDNMR techniques.

263 (263 GHz)
Capable of performing CW and pulse EPR techniques 263 GHz. Currently equipped with a ~ 200 mW microwave amplification system similar to our D-band instrument. Soon to be upgraded to a high-power (100 W) traveling wave tube amplifier built by the Luhmann group at the UC Davis Millimeter-Wave Technology Center. The magnetic field is supplied by a 12 T cryogen-free sweepable superconducting magnet system.


The CalEPR facility at UC Davis is also home to two Mössbauer spectrometers: a high-field and low-field/zero field system.

SEE Co MS4 spectrometer with 9 Tesla superconducting magnet and variable-temperature liquid He cryostat (Janis model 9T MOSS-OM-12SVT)

This instrument allows for detailed variable temperature and field (up to 9T) Mössbauer characterization.

SEE Co MS4 spectrometer with a Janis SVT-400 variable temperature liquid He cryostat

Our zero/low-field (10 mT permanent magnet) instrument.